Promotion Chemical Peeling System Citriate

Do you want to make a powerful chemical peel at home?

We have the product you are looking for and with a gift!

For the purchase of “Home peeling system Citriate” we give you a pack of 5 masks “Endocare-C peel gel”.

And how do you have to use it? Once a week with clean skin, apply a Citriate disc and let it act for 15 minutes. Remove with water.

After removing it you will notice a powerful improvement in the texture of the skin by decreasing the size of the pores.

You will notice attenuated lines of expression and unified skin tone. Reduced spots and increased luminosity when exfoliating dead cells.

If after this exfoliation you apply the mask Endocare-C peel , you will hallucinate! It is a combination of antioxidant ingredients, hyaluronic acid, phytic acid and pro-retinol.

Blurs the lines of expression and illuminates the skin instantly.