The patient is our reason for being, in Blanca Cogul Pharmacy  you at the center.

Professional and personalise care .

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Pharmaceutical Care

Our goal is to improve your quality of life

Pharmaceutical Care

Dispensation and monitoring of your pharmacotherapeutic treatment and other controls.

Compounding pharmacy

And individualized official preparations

Compounding pharmacy

Medications intended for a specific patient, prepared by the pharmacist.

Clinical Analytics

Biochemical measurements and rapid tests

Clinical Analytics

Check out our list of analytical.

Surely we can help you.

Dietary counseling

Diet and nutrition

Dietary counseling

Diet and proper nutrition are the foundation of the health and wellness pyramid.

Orthopedics and aid

We are looking for the best solution for you

Orthopedics and aid

We have a great experience in orthopedics.

We look for the best solution for you.

Dermo Tips

The importance of the skin

Dermo Tips

We help you find the products that best suit your skin type.


  • Custom Dosage System: Organise by days and hour doses, arranged in containers specially designed to avoid confusions and to facilitate the maximum treatment compliance.
  • Pharmaceutical follow-up: We control and check the medications to detect possible interactions, adverse reactions, duplicity of treatments, etc.
  • Controls: Blood pressure and cardiovascular risk.


The Law on guarantees and rational use of medications defines the Master Formula as “the drug intended for an individual patient, prepared by a pharmacist, or under his / her direction, to expressly complete a detailed medical prescription of the active principles that includes, according the good elaboration practice and quality control establish for the purpose, dispensed in pharmacy office or pharmaceutical service “.



  • RAPID TESTS of glucose, glycated hemoglobin, total cholesterol, HDL, VDL, triglycerides, uric acid, GPT, creatinine.
  • TEST NUTRIGENETIC, to know, depending on your genetics, what food can help you take care of yourself and prevent health problems.
  • CELIAQUIA TEST. With a single drop of blood obtained from the tip of the finger, the test determines the presence of IgA antibodies against tissue transglutaminase (anti tTg-IgA).
  • TEST FOR THE DETECTION OF HELICOBACTER PYLORI. The objective of this service is to provide a quick and inexpensive access to the test to detect the bacterium H. pylori in patients showing symptoms of gastric diseases.
  • TEST FOR THE DETECTION OF ALLERGIES. Rapid diagnosis of IgE antibody level may help to guide the patient towards a specialist allergy suspected as well as help in the initial pharmaceutical care.


At Blanca Cogul Pharmacy, we offer a nutritional and dietary counseling service, both to help you lead a healthy diet and control overweight, and to improve risk factors such as cholesterol, diabetes, gout, …


In Blanca Cogul Pharmacy we offer minor orthopedics and also in charge of Social Security.

Will find all type of aid: walkers, canes, chairs of wheels, protective for the bed, elevators of WC, products for the incontinence, chairs of shower, and a large etc.

Every problem has a solution and a help that facilitates the day to day.


We perform a complete study of the skin with a personalized follow-up helping you to find the best product by benefit your skin type.


Analisis dermo

A complete skin study with a personalized follow up to diagnose and treat in the best way any skin problem you may have.